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Why OMNIA Training?

OMNIA Training, Alberta's premier training facility with locations in Edmonton and Calgary, has expanded its comprehensive offerings to include specialized programs in office-based and hospitality fields, seamlessly complementing our renowned construction education. Established in 2021, OMNIA Training was founded with a vision to tailor educational offerings specifically to the construction industry.

As industry experts and business owners in various construction-based fields, we identified a clear demand from individuals across Alberta eager to enter the industry. Recognizing this opportunity, we set out to provide a distinctive training approach that not only imparts comprehensive skills but also facilitates successful candidate placements within various industries across Alberta.


Omnia Training believes everyone deserves the education and opportunity they need to achieve their full potential.


Our mission is to foster meaningful careers through specialized training and work integrated learning with our industry partners.

Omnia Training - About Us

Our values

OMNIA Training aims to reshape the way that Alberta does training.

We provide the skills necessary for independent and self sufficient growth

We facilitate adapting and improving in an ever changing world

We recognize that diverse contributions are invaluable to success

We are committed to the welfare and well being of our community members

Who is OMNIA for?

With locations in Edmonton and Calgary, our goal is to provide industry-leading training for newcomers, young adults, Indigenous individuals, and those seeking career changes or upskilling due to job loss or injury. We offer targeted programs for construction, office-based and hospitality roles to meet diverse career aspirations and professional development needs.

Omnia - Programs for Canadians & Immigrants

We recognize that we are on Treaty 6 land. We acknowledge that our OMNIA training facility is situated on Treaty 6 territory and we, as a whole in Alberta are a part of the Treaty 6, Treaty 7, and Treaty 8 lands.

History of Omnia Training

Mark Beck, the founder of Omnia Training, dropped out of high school in grade 9. Feeling like he could never grasp what was being taught to him at a desk in school, Mark discovered early on that he is a hands-on learner. Having recently dropped out, and being uncertain about his future, Mark sought an employer who would see his potential and be a good fit. When he finally landed a job in the landscape industry, he was relieved to find that his employer understood his learning style and taught him in a hands-on way that suited him best.

For the following 3 years, Mark learned everything he could from his mentor before striking out to start his own landscape company. Fast forward to 26 years later, Mark is the Director of 10 businesses and companies. His most recent venture is Omnia Training, a learning institute tailored to people who, like himself, learn differently. Mark’s story inspired the mission behind Omnia Training: to enhance the quality of life for all Canadians by mentoring and assisting them in breaking employment barriers so they secure and maintain meaningful employment. We achieve this mission by ensuring each student always has ample access to an instructor throughout their learning experience, and by assisting them with employment post-graduation. Mark truly believes that each student deserves the opportunity to achieve their full potential and is committed to assisting them with obtaining fulfilling careers. As experts who own businesses throughout various construction-based fields, we observed a clear desire from workers across Alberta to get their foot in the door in the industry. We saw an opportunity to provide a different approach to training and more importantly, to facilitate the hiring of successful candidates.

How we differ

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