Fleet Management Assistant Training

Training Program

Duration: 9 weeks Prerequisite: Required
Pre-assessment: Required

Training Program Start Date

December 2023

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What does a Fleet Management Assistant do?

A Fleet Management Assistant oversees a company’s vehicle fleet operations. They schedule maintenance, monitor fuel use, and ensure safety compliance. Using specialized software, they optimize routes for efficiency, coordinate repairs, and maintain accurate records. Their role contributes to cost-effectiveness and reliable transportation logistics for the organization.

What does the Fleet Management Assistant Training program include?

The 9-week Fleet Management Assistant Training program provides a comprehensive overview of key aspects in fleet management. Covering fundamental topics such as the role of a fleet manager, basics of fleet operations, vehicle acquisition, and maintenance, the course delves into crucial areas like safety procedures, compliance, materials, and inventory management. Participants will gain practical insights into managing inventories, implementing maintenance programs, and leveraging digital tools for efficient fleet operations. With a focus on hands-on activities and real-world applications, this program equips individuals with the necessary skills to excel in fleet management, making them valuable assets in the dynamic and essential realm of vehicle fleet operations.

Course Modules Outline:

• Understanding the role of a fleet manager
• Basics of fleet operations

• Acquiring fleet vehicles
• Implementing maintenance programs

• Developing safety policies
• Ensuring regulatory compliance

• Managing inventories and supplies
• Ordering and restocking processes

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