Hydrovac Operator Program

Training Program

Duration: 9 weeks Prerequisite: Class 3 or Class 1

Training Program Start Date

January 2024

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What does a Hydrovac Operator do?

A hydrovac operator utilizes specialized equipment, like a hydrovac truck, to perform non-destructive excavation in construction projects. By employing high-pressure water and a vacuum system, they precisely remove soil and debris, especially in sensitive areas where traditional methods might pose risks to underground utilities. This role requires expertise in equipment operation, safety protocols, and efficient excavation practices to support construction projects effectively.

What does the Hydrovac Operator Program include?

The Hydrovac Operator program provides a comprehensive overview of hydro excavation and hydrovac systems, equipping participants with essential knowledge and hands-on skills. The program begins with an introduction to the hydro excavation process, emphasizing its safety advantages over traditional methods and providing an in-depth understanding of hydrovac systems' components. Participants engage in practical training on operating the hydrovac unit, mastering the use of high-pressure water for cutting through the ground and a vacuum system for efficient material removal. The curriculum delves into soil conditions and types, addressing the complexities associated with various soil behaviors during high-pressure water exposure. Safety, compliance with environmental regulations, and risk mitigation are emphasized, with a focus on regular system component checks and adherence to safety protocols. Additionally, the program covers preventive maintenance techniques to avoid breakdowns during excavation jobs and troubleshooting common issues with hydrovac systems. Participants gain insights into job site protocols, documentation requirements, and post-operation clean-up procedures, ensuring a comprehensive skill set for successful hydrovac operations.

Course Modules Outline:

• Introduction to the hydro excavation process, safety advantages over traditional methods, and in-depth understanding of hydrovac systems’ components.

• Hands-on training on operating the hydrovac system includes using high-pressure water to cut through the ground and a vacuum system to remove excavated materials.
• Understanding Soil Conditions & Types
• Instructions on understanding different soil types and their behavior while exposed to high-pressure water during excavation. Address complexities related to varied soil conditions that can affect the hydro excavation process.

• Detailed study on the safety procedures, compliance with environmental regulations, and mitigating risks during excavation operations.
• Emphasize on regularly checking system components for safe operation and following safety protocols.

• Training on how to perform maintenance activities to prevent breakdowns in the middle of excavation jobs and troubleshooting common issues with hydrovac systems.

• Understanding job site protocols, filling up excavation holes post operations, clean-up procedures, and documentation required for each job.

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