Arborist Assistant

Training Program

Duration: 9 weeks
Prerequisite: None

Training Program Start Date

January 2024

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What does a Arborist Assistant do?

An arborist assistant supports arborists in tree care tasks such as pruning, trimming, and removal. They assist in equipment setup, follow safety protocols, and help with debris removal. This role requires physical fitness, outdoor work, and a basic understanding of arboriculture practices. Arborist assistants contribute to maintaining the health and safety of trees in various environments.

What does the Arborist Assistant program include?

OMNIA Training's Arborist Assistant program is a 9-week training program that covers essential aspects of basic Arborist work. The training program includes the coverage of the following topics:

Introduction to Arborist Work: Includes coverage on applicable legislation, safety regulations and standards, job site safety analysis, basic knowledge on procedures and concepts of Arborist work.

Hands-on field training: Students will be trained to demonstrate proficiency in tree identification, tree removal, limbing, pruning, and stump grinding.

Course Modules Outline:

• What is an Arborist Assistant?
• Basic introduction to tree biology: tree anatomy, life cycle, tree species identification.

• Common diseases: symptoms & treatments.
• Pest identification and management.

• Importance of safety practices: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), emergency procedures.
• Tree climbing safety protocol.

• Pruning tree branches correctly.
• Understanding when and how to water, compost, mulch, and fertilize.

• Root care and avoidance of mechanical damage.
• Tree climbing techniques – ropes, knots, harnesses, other tools/equipment.

• Identification and proper use of common arborist tools and machinery.
• Maintenance and storage of equipment.

• Understanding how to assess a tree’s health or structural integrity.
• Evaluating soil quality, assessing plant health.

• Hands-on field practice under supervision.
• Practice for tree climb & descent, operating equipment, maintaining safety.

• Review previous learnings with written and practical examinations.
• Discussion about career pathways in arboriculture, including advancing to a full arborist role.

Arborist Assistant

Among the tasks of an arborist assistant include maintaining trees and shrubs to ensure they are healthy, safe and in attractive condition. With Omnia Training, you will be trained to achieve skills necessary to perform in various areas of work such as tree identification, removal and maintenance. Interested? Contact Us for Pricing

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