Project Coordinator

Training Program

Duration: 9 weeks Prerequisite: Required
Pre-assessment: Required

Training Program Start Date

January 2024

Project Coordinator

What does a Project Coordinator do?

A Project Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and organizing various aspects of a project. They create plans, allocate resources, and ensure effective communication between teams. Project Coordinators track progress, identify issues, and implement solutions to keep projects on schedule. Strong organizational and communication skills are essential for success in this role.

What does the Project Coordinator program include?

The 9-week Project Coordinator program provides a comprehensive introduction to the key aspects of project coordination and management. Participants will gain a solid understanding of the project life cycle, the role of a project coordinator, and the basics of project scheduling. The program emphasizes the importance of effective communication within a team and provides practical insights into maintaining accurate project files. Additionally, participants will learn essential skills in risk management and quality assurance, enabling them to recognize potential challenges and ensure project success. The curriculum also covers the basics of using project management tools, fostering familiarity with common software like Microsoft Project and teaching fundamental reporting functions. This program equips individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to coordinate and contribute to successful project outcomes.

Course Modules Outline:

• Understanding the role of a project coordinator
• Basics of project life cycle

• Maintaining and updating accurate project files
• Effective communication within the team

• Understanding timelines and milestones
• Knowing how to coordinate meetings and resources

• Recognizing potential risks and conflicts in projects
• Introductory quality checks and standards

• Familiarity with common project coordination software (Microsoft Project, etc.)
• Basic reporting functions of these tools

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