Office Programs

Omnia Training is proud to announce the introduction of a comprehensive suite of office programs tailored to meet the diverse needs of individuals and organizations alike. Our courses encompass a range of essential skills, from Accounting Basics and Bookkeeping Assistance to Purchasing, Fleet Management, and Project Coordination. With a focus on practical knowledge and hands-on training, these programs are ideal for individuals aspiring to secure office jobs or organizations aiming to enhance the skills of their teams. Conducted exclusively at Omnia Training, participants can expect a rich learning environment that prepares them for success in various office roles. Embrace the opportunity for professional growth and development with Omnia Training’s specialized office programs.

Course Structure:

  • Candidates pursuing office positions will undergo a pre-assessment test to evaluate their foundational skills in Computer proficiency, Mathematics, and English.
  • Successful candidates will directly join the nine-week office-based courses at Omnia.
  • Those unable to meet the prerequisites will be required to complete a two-week intensive course, incurring an additional cost.
  • Upon successful completion of this preparatory course and the final test, candidates will enter programs with prerequisites.
  • The entire course will be conducted exclusively at Omnia Training.

Enhancements and Considerations:

  • These programs provide tailored pathways for candidates entering either office-based roles or careers in construction and hospitality. It equips them with the necessary skills to thrive in their chosen fields. Based on their selected course, students will have the opportunity to pursue a credential (optional).
    • Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM)
    • Project Management Professional (PMP)
    • Certified Bookkeeper Professional (CBP)
    • Certified Purchasing Professional (CPP)

Accounting Basics

Bookkeeping Assistant

Purchasing Assistant

Fleet Management Assistant

Project Coordinator

Digital Marketing Assistant

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